Peter Joy's hybrids

Pictures of Peter Joy’s hybrids at Oulu test field in Finland . (Latitude 65.05, norther than Fairbanks Alaska).


I like that large white one.

I like them all, but I can’t help but wonder what they are.

If you simply google “Peter joy roses”, you will get an article about the strategy and some of the parental types used. Nothing too surprising. I guess the photos shown are of a test field as the article implies no good yellows yet developed while the photos show at least one yellow. So likewise the others may be variable.

There’s no labels what they are but they are beautiful. Some information of the roses they used is in the article behind the link. Breeding good hardy yellows/orange roses has proved to be difficult. Pink is the dominant colour.

There are three cultivars on the market:

  1. 'R. pimpinellifolia hybrid ‘Tove Jansson’ (Red Nelly x Poppius). Single dark red flowers, 1,2 - 1,4 m tall. Tove was a Finnish novelist, painter, illustrator and comic strip author. She was the author of, among other works, the Moomin books. 2) Rosa ‘Lumo’ (Applejack x OP) Tall (2m) alba like rose. Blooms are large, semi double, light pink almost white. Greyish leaves. Lumo means enchantment 3) R. rugosa hybrid ‘Sointu’ (Snow Pavement x R. polyantha pick.) 1,0 - 1,2 m tall, light pink almost white semi double flowers, recurrent blooming. Sointu is a female name. Other meaning is a chord.


This is Rosa ‘Sointu’

…an this is Rosa ‘Lumo’

You can find more Lumo and Sointu photos at Klorofylli forum. Username and password both are qwerty.

Thanks, Hannu, for posting these photos.

I posted some basic info about Sointu and Tove Jansson here previously. I bough Sointu this summer but it hasn’t bloomed yet. I was very surpised to find someone state that the flowers of Sointu have myrrh scent. Do you know, Hannu, if this is true and can you speculate where the myrrh scent could come from?


Helsinki, Finland

Hi, Jukka.

I’m not good at genetics, but I know that all the features are combination of ‘mother and father’ and I know that ‘Snow Pavement’ aka ‘Schneekoppe’ has extremely fragrant flowers. What comes to the polyantha parent I don’t know what polyantha it is and what kind of scent it has. So I,m sorry I can’t give you the answer.