Persian Light

Wow, my Livin Easy X Persian Sunset crosses was very fruitful. But that’s because I had more seeds than usual.

And unlike the one possible Persian Sunset X Betty Boop seedling (a stray OP seed of Living Easy X Robusta fell in there…)-- one is starting to bloom, and the other looks like it’s going to bloom.

And I can tell that these are hybrids by their distinct foliage and thorns.

I’m thinking of getting rid of my Tigris (i’ll donate it to Heritage because theirs, I don’t know why, was shoveled pruned.) And get myself Persian Light.

How is Persian Light’s fertility if anybody knows anything about it.

I’m coming back home and I’m doing major revamping of the garden… taking out the commercially available roses and replacing them with my own seedlings (or the ones from other breeder programs.)

My Persian Light has never set seed. I have not tried to use its pollen, assuming it makes any.

Okay, I guess I can keep keep that space open in the future for other persica hybrids that may be available in the US.