pernetiana Christine

does anyone know where I might find a picture, or even a description of this rose? we have just moved to a new house (actually an ancient farmhouse with a quarter of an acre of bindweed and ground elder) and found several very nice old galvanised plant labels (a spike with a rectangle at the top with raised lettering) deep in the undergrowth. There are also some ancient roses, and I’d just like to know if any of them bear any relation to these rather expensive labels. I have been hunting for some time, but am no closer to finding any identifying information, other than guessing that it will probably fall somewhere in the yellow-orange spectrum. There was another one for Irish Elegance, but that was a doddle to track down!

thank you, Esther


Here is a link that might be of help:


Peter Beales offered Christine for sale in the mid 1980s. It was listed as being in very short supply, growing to ten feet tall and six feet wide, being tolerant of poor soils and being summer flowering only:

“(Climbing Hybrid Tea) Small, shapley, deep gloden yellow, fragrant flowers. Foliage glossy and dark.”

Thank you to Don and Rob for their incredibly speedy responses! I thought it might be the rose listed as HT Christine in Peter Beale’s Classic Roses, as he says that “by the 1930s most Pernetianas had disappeared or, for reasons of convenience in commercial catalogues had been merged with the Hybrid Teas” but it’s good to have that confirmed, and to have seen a photograph. Didn’t want to just rely on an assumption. Many thanks