Paul G. Olsen - R. primula today

Paul I was encouraged to see you are considering experimenting with your version kept in a green house. Here are photos of my pickering version taken today to show it’s height and lack of damage and why I love it … hardy as any rose I know that belongs here and with real height.

This Pickering version has been in this spot for four winters … unfortunately with everything brown contrast is not present.

I have put a few canes at the back onto a trellis to train the bush to be more open looking.

Behind the may tree is the white star of Finland winding through the tree and flopping into the neighbor’s yard … need to fix that one day. east side of the north gardens.

Hopefully the photos show as I am new to this forum in posting photos. I took a few more photos of cane and base details but have not figured out how to stack photos yet

here is one of the forefront canes right near the tip.