Paul Barden's Crested Jewel X Self

Here’s a photo of the first bloom from Paul Barden’s Crested Jewel X Self he gave me this past spring. We were out of town when the bloom opened so I think I’m a little late in gathering pollen, but the bloom color and shape is fantastic. I’m not real good behind a camera so this pink looks a little washed out. The color is definately a deeper pink. It does have a mild fragrance but it’s been raining and that may effect the the frangrance.

Thanks Paul. I can’t wait to put her to work.


Good luck with it Jeff! It will occasionally set open pollinated seed, but appears to be unwilling to made seeds with pollen from other varieties. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try anyway. It might just be a matter of hitting on the right combination. I ought to get you a plant of my ‘Crested Damask’, which does set seed easily. Germination is poor, but you will get some results. I think I sent you home with some seeds from it a few months back, didn’t I? Did you get any germinating? What about the seeds from Moore’s ‘Closer to Heaven’? Did any of those germinate?

PS: how about that weather, huh? Great pollinating weather so far, ha ha ha!


Just checked out your ‘Crested Damask’ on HMF. What a great bloom form. You have had many wonderful OGR type bloooms on many of your seedlings. Great work you are doing.


Paul: I have three seedlings from the ?? X Magic Wand. Off hand I don’t remember what the seed parent was. They have been slow to germinate but I’m not giving up on the other seeds. I’m learning rose seeds don’t germinate like corn.

I got some pollen last week from the Pink Clouds you gave to me. I’m not sure what I’m going to use it on, but the season is young. The thornless multiflora cuttings are coming right along and looking good. I can see grafting in my future :slight_smile:

The rain is killing me, but I don’t have a bunch of roses blooming yet. I’m hoping next week will give us some relief.

Robert Rippetoe sent cuttings, rooted cuttings and a massive rootball last fall that are pretty well, too. He told me they probably won’t flower this year, but I’m looking forward to using them next year.

A massive rootball? Pray tell . . .I’m sure there muct be a good story there??


This weather can stuff it. I’m about to start making slurpees made from Prozac every morning to comabt it :stuck_out_tongue: Everything is so…dark.

Jeff, I have kordesii x (glauca x pendulina) here for you when you’re ready.

It’s at least pollen fertile. I have some seedlings using it from last season.



Is this Crested Jewel X Self you gave me your rose listed in HMF as Persil? If so, I would like to post the picture of it on HMF.



I’m open for new plants any time.


I still think one of ya’ll should try crossing this line of work (cresting) with alba/canina descendants or even something from the Blush series. Which reminds me, Im amazed some of ya’ll in cold areas havent been using anything from the Blush series since they’d add aesthetics and fragrance and are already cold hardy.


Yes, this is the same rose I have listed under the name Persil. Thanks for including your photo.


I grow two of the Blush roses: Royal Blush and Crimson Blush. The former is NOT totally freeze hardy and Blackspots too readily, and the latter has one of the floppiest growth habits of any rose I have grown. Every single bloom is laying on the ground by the time it is at the peak of flush. Compared to the color of many similar roses (Charles de Mills, Chianti, to name two) it is a dirty color that only gets dirtier with age. Neither of these will set seed and I have never obtained pollen from them. I tried to breed Royal Blush for years and gave up. Maybe I just acquired them only two sterile ones, I don’t know.

Hi Paul,

Thats too bad. I was loking at more of the Sievers hybrids. It looks like Northern Yellow is hardy but it is implied to be a Gallica hybrid rather than a Alba hybrid like the Blush series. I would assume that any of the Blush series would be better used as pollen parents. The two that you own are both bred from HT’s rather that Kordesii like some of the Blush series. Summer and Morning Blush seem to be the only two bred from Alba x Kordesii.