Patents, Trademarks and Registering

I’ve been working with plants long enough to understand the purpose of patents and trademarks. What I don’t understand is the purpose of registering with the ICRA. Could someone please explain.



My understanding, as a fellow newbie, is that it helps to create some sense of international uniformity in the way roses are identified so a rose here in Tasmania, Australia will be the same as one called by the same name in Oregon… I’m not talking about its trade name… as that can change from place to place e.g. here in Australia there is a awesome little miniature called ‘Top Gear’ which is called 'Little Artist’in the US or UK (can’t rememeber now… think it’s the US). Here’s something interesting though… I wasn’t aware that a rose could have more than one registered name… ‘Top Gear’ is registered as both MACmanley and MACmanly… is that common place? Why would they do that? Is it just a spelling thing like website owners bregistering variations on a theme to catch manual entries of urls into the address bar etc?. The registered name are the same all over the world to my understanding.