Parents with no thorns

Can anyone suggest parents that pass on the thornless, thornfree, few thorns tendency? Thanks!

Shurb rose “Lynnie” and Mini rose “Joycie”


Ralph Moore has produced quite a few thornless seedlings from Golden Gardens, Sequoia Ruby, Softee, Renae and Rise’n Shine. You’ll likley get some from Cl. Yellow Sweetheart, and I’d definitely take a look at Grandmother’s Hat as a source of freedom from prickles. I have a mini which is a cross of Mr. Moore’s Softee X Basye’s Legacy. You can find information about it here.

A name has been chosen and it’s a waiting game for introduction. Kim

I have found that ‘Sequoia Ruby’ produces a fair number of thornless offspring, as Kim said. ‘Renae’ will tend to produce offspring that are less Winter hardy than some, so take that into account. You may also want to try Moore’s two new thornless shrubs, ‘My Stars’ and ‘Gina’s Rose’. Both are quite fertile.


Another one that is nice is ‘Little Darling’, old floribunda from the 1950’s. It’s quite fertile and produces offspring with a lot of color diversity. It is in the background of most modern thornless mini roses of Ralph Moore and in one way or another in Harvey Davidson’s Smooth series of hybrid teas and floribundas. It has thorns itself. The flowers are nicely formed, but seem kind of small. If you are looking for mainly thornless stems and don’t mind prickles on the leaf undersides and want to work with diploids, there are many thornless stemmed diploid polyanthas. ‘Marie Pavie’ is one example. This type of thornlessness found in these polyanthas seems to be recessive. Sincerely, David

Until they’re more tested, I’d be aware that My Stars and Gina’s Rose are half Playboy, if rust is an issue. Kim

Rust? Whats that? laughs

You should have a look on Ken Nobbs’ articles and breeding program.