parents for rose breeding

like to get varieites with good seed germination and having long vase life and long stalk required for breeding program in India.

I don’t know anything about breeding roses for a climate like India’s, but you might want to check out this Bangladesh site:


Have you contacted Viru and Girija Viraraghavan? They have been doing research and breeding for roses in your area for decades. Thanks, Robert

Robert, do you have email addresses for Viru and Girija?

I do, but let me ask them first if it’s ok to share them. Is it for yourself? Send me a message privately. Thanks, Robert

what I’m questioning is about the patent issues. Are there varieties with prolonged vased life which are freely available for breeding program? what I’m looking at is plants with long vase life and which can give good germination but without patent problems.

I don’t know what the patent law is in India. In the USA, it is OK to use patented roses for breeding. Patent law only restricts the asexual propagation of patented plants. ‘Sonia’ is one variety with good vase life that is no longer patented and whose seeds germinate well.

Well, even if there was a law stating that people cannot breed with patented parents, who’s going to know?