Parentage of Trier

Wondering if anyone has a little more information about the parentage of Trier. According to HMF its a seedling of Aglaia. Is Trier a OP Aglaia? Since Aglaia has remontancy from Reve d’Or, it would seem possible that it could produce a self polinated repeating rose.

I was able to find a source for Aglaia and plan to use it next summer and am wondering if anyone has used it in thier own work. I am thinking of using Polsjarnan, Aglaia, The Gift, Trier and Ghislaine de Felig

‘Trier’ is a very useful parent when combined with many modern roses. Although it is essentially colorless itself, its progeny can be quite richly pigmented. I have seen strong oranges, yellows, and reds come from it when crossed with ‘Joycie’. Some of its offspring are virtually thornless as well. Many are highly disease resistant. These traits make it something I will continue to work with eagerly.


Peter Beales gives: