Parentage of 'Silver Moon' and 'Anemone'

Does anyone have access to this article about the parentage of ‘Silver Moon’ and ‘Anemone’? As I recall, the authors concluded that ‘Silver Moon’ does not have the Cherokee Rose (R. laevigata) as a parent, but I don’t remember about ‘Anemone’.


I have a copy.

Charles concluded that Anemone is likely to have resulted from laevigata parentage.


Thanks Peter!

What IS the parentage of Silver Moon? I was actually going to post this question. I remember seeing it before but don’t recall if I had printed it out and have forgotten. Could you please post it or e-mail it to me.




According to my MR2, Van Fleet reported it as R. wichuraiana x Cherokee. Whether the Cherokee is R. laevigata or some variety, perhaps a provisionally named but unreleased seedling, is not clear. Since it seems not to be from R. laevigata, perhaps it is from some unknown seedling–or maybe it is as Charles speculates, that Van Fleet didn’t keep the best records.


MR11 gives the parentage as “Reputedly (R. wichuraiana X Devoniensis) X R. laevigata”. Perhaps DNA testing will tell us the actual parents someday.

I thought the Walker/Werner article DID do DNA testing on Silver Moon. Didn’t they come up with the actual parentage or did they test only for the presence/absence of R. laevigata. Help Me Find shows that Silver Moon when crossed on itself produced a 100 petalled white climber which was named Silver Dawn. I assume this had to come from Devoniensis. I have always felt there was a lot of potential in this climber which has gone untapped. That’s why I would love to know what is in its gene pool.

Thanks for your replies Jim and Peter.

Jim Provenzano

Walker & Werner only tested for R. laevigata genes.

Speaking of that giant, Silver Moon. Does anyone have a plant that blooms alot? I’ve had two reluctantly flowering giants. One that was shovel pruned last fall while I was inside recovering from a badly done appendectomy and another that is massive but stingy in its bloom production. Peter Beales says the same of his experience with it. Has anyone been able to seed/pollen this rose in quanity? It has not been hardy in zone 4, not even on its own roots, for me. It has been the fastest growing rose I have ever grown and I have been thinking more about it as a rootstock.

Hello, George. I have a huge Silvermoon which throws odd blooms nearly all year in my garden. I believe it’s simply that the climate and age/development of the plant allow it. As for seed, it does set, and some germinate, but it’s not cooperative being used for crossing. I’ve received grafted plants on it before. They tend to be short lived.