Parentage of Quiteness

Anyone have any idea of the parentage of Quietness? The flower reminds me of Aunt Honey and the color reminds me of Hawkeye Belle.

I wonder if Music Maker is a parent.

Chamblee rose Nursery states:

"History: Hybridized by Dr. Griffith Buck.

Unknown seedling "

Sorry :frowning:

Quietness germinated in 2001, long after Dr Buck’s passing, so who hybridized it, Dr Buck’s daughter?

Country Dancer may be a parent, as it tends to show ogr type blooms.

Music Maker derivatives tend to have more modern form, such as Earth Song and Griff’s Red.

I’ve got an OP Country Dancer seedling that looks very much like ‘Quietness’.


Do Country Dancer op seeds germinate well for you?

None of my CD ops have sprouted this year.

Yep! They germinate very well. It works great in hybridizing too.

I have my first Country Dancer X Lila Banks blossom opening now.

I hope I get some mauve out of some of the other seedlings.

Country Dancer is probably a tough one for getting yellow but it’s one of my favorite Bucks. Fragrant too!


Dave, if I had to guess, I would guess that Quietness was bred a long time ago but introduced into commerce by his heirs since Buck’s are so popular. Maybe it was on his to-do list?

I just noted there was a “new” Buck rose introduced in 2006

The Buck family sent the seed for Quietness to Pat Henry at Roses Unlimited; the seedling bloomed the day after 9/11/01, hence the name Quietness; the most recent RU catalog adds the synonym “The 911 Rose TM”.

Roses Unlimited has been the greatest repository for Buck’s work from which it was distributed to other suppliers.

I was speaking to Pat Henry about this not long ago. They have the largest selection of Griffith Buck cultivars.

Does Pat know the parentage of Quietness?

Good question.