Parentage of Out of Yesteryear

Modern Roses XI gives the parentage of Out of Yesteryear as:

Golden Angel X Muriel

HelpMeFind says:

Sequoia Gold X Muriel

Does anyone know which is correct?

“Sequoia Gold X Muriel”

According to information received directly from Sequoia.

MR XI says its Golden Angel X Muriel??? I don’t know where they got THAT information from, but its wrong. The seed parent of ‘Out of Yesteryear’ was most definitely ‘Sequoia Gold’ and the pollen parent was ‘Muriel’.

RogersRoses gives the parentage as Golden Angel X Muriel on a page with a photo taken by Ralph Moore. Perhaps they got the parentage from MR XI.


They also list Remember Me improperly, and have for at least a decade: