Oxyclean dosage

I’ll be harvesting my hips any time now and read up on the H2O2 soak. Then I discovered the succes stories of Oxyclean.

Judith, how did your experiment with the Louise Odier seed go with regard to germinations? What concentration of Oxyclean did you use and for how long did you soak the seeds?

Thanks in advance for the info.


P.S. If it’s in a newsletter somewhere, please point to it then I can read it in there.

I’d say my experiment with Louise Odier was probably not statistically significant and I need to do more tests which I will do this year. I got a low germination rate overall, but with each batch containing 50 seeds, I had:

A. Seeds cleaned, Bromelain & H2O2 tx: 2 germinations

B. Seeds cleaned, Bromelain & H2O2 & Oxy tx: 2 germinations

C. Seeds not cleaned, Bromelain & H2O2 tx: 1 germination

D. Runts. Seeds not cleaned, Bromelain & H2O2 tx: 4 germinations

The only surprise was that the ‘runts’ germinated better than the seeds that looked plumper and healthier.

I use about a level teaspoon of oxyclean to about an ounce of water and soak for 24 hours.

I’ve used oxy (or H2O2 for that matter) less often recently to re-clean, as I find that (as said here numerous times by others) some types of mold are ok. As a matter of fact, I’ve taken to actually innoculating some batches with the molds that I feel create the best germination. I am just using oxy on the molds that seem to me to be the most harmful.

Let me know how your treatments work out.