other plant (non rose) breeding news


Link: www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/01/080108160503.htm

I used to sell these wholesale. They only thing they lack is fragrance. Beautiful things. I’ve heard they are working on fragrant cultivars.

I wonder what kind of improvement this is on the ones that the University of Connecticut was breeding with similar hardiness - perhaps they’re just trying to expand the color range to match the Ligtu and other hybrid series. Of course, ‘Sweet Laura’ is an excellent cultivar with winter hardiness at least as good as what they’re talking about in the article, with a bit of fragrance to boot.

Now all they need to do is breed out the various allergins (tuliposides and tulipalins etc) that cause dermatitis - I’m about to pull my ones out and throw them away because they don’t cope well with the rigours of ‘family life’. Maybe they could breed some with more fiborous/woody stems so they resist kids kicking balls and dogs running through them a little better :slight_smile: Now they flop around the edges at the slightest bump.