OSU dubble-take.


Does the Queen of Hearts know about this?
(Alice in Wonderland)


Poor Clemson!


As a rose nut, they’re more than a bit offensive, but from a marketing perspective, whatever sells and isn’t unethical or environmentally damaging. They dye poinsettias, orchids, and everything else. Why not split rose stems for specialty bouquets? It increases sales and popularity of the plant, doesn’t it?

Photographed last Spring at the local Home Despot - and yes - these are real (painted, but real cacti):

Nothing is safe anymore!

The roses look fake (I thought they were those cheap crepe paper ones) and the cactus looks downright ugly. But have you seen the Bioluminescent orchids? Somewhere between the never ending Holiday season (now starting three weeks before Halloween) and about at Thanksgiving, I saw a dramatic lighted display of glow in the dark phals. It is quite amazing to see a darkened floral display in the middle of produce with black lights! I would post a photo but I was a bit to shocked to even think of taking one. GMO’s ever improving our corporate experience.

Glad my alma mater is small enough FTD doesn’t feel compelled to show me how ugly those colors would be on a rose…

Searching for the orchids (yep, they exist!) I found “the glowing plant project” whereby a group of bioengineers got kickstart funding to create i.e. oak trees that would illuminate the streets with their own bioluminescence.

Hold me back…

The public funded them a good 7 or 8 times their goal. The scary thing is that “The company was backed by synthetic biology startup Cambrian Genomics, which wants to “democratize creation” and let biohackers everywhere design and print the DNA of new life forms, SFGate reports.”

What could possibly go wrong with that? (YIKES!)

This reminds me of a book (Homer Price by Robert McCloskey) that I read many, many years ago. The local wacky scientist bred a gigantic plant that had the whole town excited … until it turned out to be ragweed.

And it never stops - Me being a Packer fan and a rose lover, this got my attention: http://www.packersproshop.com/page/ftd-fresh-flowers/?utm_source=pro%2Bshop%2Bemail&utm_medium=email&utm_content=FTDFlowers&utm_campaign=150203+FTD+Bouquet+Email+(1+Month)&utm_email=a_carl76%40msn.com&j=71334279&e=a_carl76%40msn.com&l=4454759_HTML&u=623326319&mid=96970&jb=68

And just think, I can get 24 of them for only $129.99!