Open Pollinated seeds available

Anyone interested in OP seeds of Dragon’s Blood? I also have OP seeds of a thornless, seed grown selection of R. multiflora (for understock), seeds from R. souliaeana, Joycie (and other minis) and probably some other things if I look around. Oh, and OP seeds from a breeding plant I use called 11-02-07 (Sequoia Ruby X Guinee), which is a small bush with 2" DARK red/crimson blooms, a color even deeper than Guinee. Someone can have those too if they like.

Paul B.

hi paul i see you did alot of crosses!. i would love some seeds, dragons blood

sounds good and 11-02-07. if they are gone already any miniature rose seed

would be great. thanks paul. my address; patrick ladley

346 glendale road.

north plainfield n.j. 07063

I would be interested in seeds. I tried the email function but it is not running. So if you have seeds left can you contact me at

I would be interested in R. multiflora. Miniatures of any sort, scented foliage or unusual colored parents.

(Raises hand) Me, me, me! I think you have my address.

I have a boatload of open pollinated “Fa’s Marbled Moss” seeds if anyone wants some, speaking of which…

Wow, that’s so cool that a breeder like Paul Barden is offering SEEDS. I’m starstruck! I’m afraid I don’t think any of those roses are very bs tolerant here though, so I doubt their progeny would be…

Fara, I’d be interested in some Marbled Moss seeds though, write me at Would you want anything? I have a few seeds from L83 if you want those.

  • Max

I would also be interested in seeds Fara. My email address is above.

Patrick, I got your message and will send seeds soon. I do a lot of crosses, yes…usually 5000 pollinations a year, not including any OP seeds I collect. I find 5000 pollination usually gives me 5000 seedlings a year, which is about the maximum I can handle.

I would just love a Dragon’s Blood rose to grow here :frowning: Maybe one day it will reach australia…

I’d love some seeds of Joycie, if you still have them; I see you’ve had some interesting results with this rose, but it’s not available here in Europe.

My address is 73, Marsh Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL51 9JE, UK.

Best wishes,


thank you paul. i did more crosses this year but lost some hips. i have some OP

seeds from dainty bess that i hope something intresting happens. take care. pat