OP hips already aborting

I have two Cal Poly minis that are sitting next to each other. I didn’t pollinate one of them and all of the hips (about 10) have aborted. The other I pollinated and the hips (again about 10) are plump and healthy. Both plants are still small. Do abortions occur more often with OP than with forced pollination. Or maybe when they get a year or two of growth on them things will change. Seems a little strange to me.


Did the aborted hips have any developing seeds in them? This is interesting for me too because I just got Cal Poly, but mine is yet to bloom.

I didn’t even think to look for seed. I’ll check and let you know.


Many of the miniatures are not seed fertile until they are two to three years old. I suspect your 'Cal Poly’s are too young to set seed. I’ve seen this many times with varieties that set seed like mad when fully matured.

Jeff, I have notice that CP hips tend to hold better with foreign pollen than “OP”, but I don’t think that this is true in general. Lots of roses are very good at setting “OP” hips and often do it better that way than when we use foreign pollen on them.

Jim Sproul

Something else to check for: out here there are tiny bugs that bore into the peduncle right under the hip and cause either the bud to wilt or a developing hip to abort. Alas, sprayed for those [shocking bad word] things last night…

Lydia and Fara: No Seeds and no bugs.

Paul and Jim: Thanks for the information. This is something elese that needs to go into my breeder’s notebook.