OP Cardinal de Richelieu seed

Hi all,

A cutting from my Cardinal de Richelieu that is growing in my mother

I have seeds still in the fridge that are 2 years old that are nearing 3. OPs… I love trying to work with the “hard to crack” roses such as Crested Sweetheart.

Why don’t you keep them for yourself? But thank you kindly for the offer…

This year I got a seedling from Robusta, an OP. It died while I stayed in Mexico for over a month on one especially hot day in July.

Always there is nobody here to water the plants on those hot days when I’m gone… I’ve made it custome to put my plants in a bucket or saucer on those hot days when I’m at school or work.

I am hoping that my single seed from The Pearl, a nearly infertile banksia hybrid which I collected 3 days ago from my plant, will germinate and that I can take care of the seedling until maturity.