online name search?

I’ve been looking at The International Cultivar Registration Authority - Roses website, have registered, and am looking at submitting my first rose for registration. Is there somewhere I can go to check to make sure the name I’ve chosen doesn’t already exist? It’s not in HMF but I guess that’s no guarantee right…

If it’s not at HMF chances are you can use it. Remember too you can register a name already taken if the rose in question is of a different class than the one(s) registered.

At this time, HMFR is likely the most complete rose resource on the planet. Unless something huge happens it’s likely to stay that way ad infinitum.

What Robert said. Just submit your registration and Marily or Phil will let you know if your choice is NOT acceptable, at which point you can choose something else.


Simon, know that it may take awhile to get confirmation which will likely be in the form of publication. Be patient.

Not in any hurry :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

I have emailed ICRA-R about this question as well (in more detail)… for those who have registered roses before an submitted digital images… what kind of images did you submitt; screen resolution (i.e. 72dpi) images resized to somethnig like 640x480, RAW files, high resoultion (i.e. 300dpi) files for printing etc??? If I have to submit high resolution files then I’ll have to put submitting the application off until October/November so my roses will actually have leaves and flowers (still winter ). If it’s only good screen res. images then I can submit the application over the next few days. Are the images just for a visual record or are they for publication?

“Are the images just for a visual record or are they for publication?”

Its just for their record, I believe. I have generally submitted Web friendly images no more than 1200 pixels on the long side @72dpi.

Cool… thanks :slight_smile: