One the first to bloom

This is not my first to bloom, but it’s the best so far. It is supposed to be Folksinger x [R.arkansana OP] OP, but I suspect that it is a self. (R.arkansana OP) OP is one of Davids plants and is a single pink with purple stamens.

Very nice! I love the color!

Beautiful! I love the amber color.

Thank you, I like it also. I was hoping to incorporate the purple stamens with a yellow flower in this cross. We’ll have to see if that happens with the other seedlings from this cross.

I also like the color, it has a glow affect towards the middle, which is so nice.

For some reason it seems the color of the stamens is easily lost. It’s one of the things I always admired about Lilac Charm and Captain Thomas, among others.

I did a cross of the two and the color of the stamens did come through, though it seems less pronounced.


Very nice Robert, the stamens seem to be shorter so they are obscured by the anthers. Captain Thomas is exactly the effect I was after.

Here is another one my seedlings. I wish the true color would come through in the photograph. It is a little redder and less shocking pink. It is Morden Centennial OP x Grimaldi.

Paul, very beautiful roses. The first is particularly nice and the bloom looks very large.

Jim Sproul

Thanks Jim,

It’s so heavy that it’s bending the stem over. I had to lay on the floor to take its picture because the best light was by the patio door. It is maybe 1" or 2" taller than the second plant but that one is standing straight up.

I over-wintered three plants inside this past winter and they bought in powdery mildew, so I’ve been battling that with this year

Here is my latest. It is Hot Wonder x 1T20 (one of Davids plants)

Wow Paul!! The color is really nice on this one. What a nice warm pink/salmon color and nicely spread out stipples. :0)

Thank you David,

I think it

I really like the last one. It is really interesting.

Wow, Paul! A spotted rose! (she begins to drool!)

Thank You,

I like it too. The pollen parent has produced several stippled roses this year so far. This one is Folksinger x 1T20 but the stipling is not as strong. 1T20 also produced a few stippled seedlings for me last year as well.