Once or repeat flowering rose types.

Hi everyone

As my first ever seedlings are growing well, I can see some of them set flower buds meanwhile others just seems to grow without setting any flower buds at all.

Anyone know if there is any connection between:

“no flowering seedling will be once flowering roses” and “flowering seedlings will be remontant roses”?

I think I had read about this theory in a rose book by Harkness, but not sure about it really is like that in real.

Looking forward to hear about your experience.



This is generally true.

Ok that is interesting and very informing news for me.

From the same Astrid Lingren hip, it looks like I got both flowering variants.

One small plant ready to flower soon, and two large plants still only growing upwards, without any flower buds at all!



It is generally true for modern hybrids, but there are exceptions among species hybrids. For example, rugosa seedlings may not bloom for two or three years, but rebloom well once they start. Do you know the ancestry of Astrid Lindgren?

Speaking of Astrid Lindgren, did you know that you can’t get her Karlsson books in the US, even though her Pippi books are very popular here? There are some strange theories on the internet about why this is. The funniest was published in Pravda:

Link: english.pravda.ru/society/showbiz/27-11-2003/4188-karlsson-0

Hi Jim

I have looked at Paulsen