Old seeds germinated...

I have FINALLY a seedling of (Abraham Darby X Basye’s Probable Amphidploid) X Persian Sunset. This was the very first cross I ever did…

harvest back on August 27, 2006…more than 2 years in the fridge.

One hip… aborted but still semi ripe.

Still, I am VERY excited about this.

But I only hope that it will actually mature to a plant. It’s the oddest cross I’ve done. It won’t be the first Basye/ Persica hybrid (Robert has that title.)

But still,

I hope the best.

Also, I found a seedling of Perl d’or X OP clinoXbract.

Hopefully, both will prosper in the next year…

Wow, that’s great Enrique. It gives hope to all of us who keep finding unharvested/unsown seed. Those are both wonderful crosses. I especially like Perle d’or x clinoxbract.

The Perle d’or X Clinoxbract seedling-- the last germination occurred last year, which got backed (it germinated in the hottest time of the year, it had no chance even the shade.) This time it will have some chance to survive.

I do hope I get something nifty with the that seedling (both seedlings.)

And the only reason I found out… I was going to discard both.

This was because I have a Queen Elizabeth X Persian Sunset seeds that haven’t germinated. I risked opening 3 seeds an the embryo was mushy… meaning, never going to germinate ever. All the seeds were like that.

How is your Basye/Persica hybrids? Did you have any success in transmitting the spot?

I hope that my “Abe Basye” seedling will pass on good health to the seedling. I have a seedling of it with Cologne that’s struggling with vigor, but this is a single seedling and I haven’t explored it much.

Basye/Persica hybrids?

I assume you mean this one? No, it has no blotch. I’ve been ignoring it though I know it’s still out there. I might use it on one of the banksia derivative that exhibits a halo or try line breeding it down there road.

Seedlings derived from persica are excessively prickly most of the time which is something I am trying to breed away from.

Oops! forgot to include the link. Here ya go.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=60918

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