old achenes


I recently found some achenes I collected a couple of years ago before I had learned anything about growing roses from seed. They were taken out of the hip when it was almost dry, and have been dry and room temp in a paper seed packet I made for them. Do you think they’re worth trying to germinate? They’re OP from a rose at a rental property I used to live on, that I think is “La France,” And OP of climbing “Joseph’s Coat.” There are about 15 all together. What would you do? Many thanks.

I would guess that there is a possibility. I ordered some rose seeds from Chiltern. Thay came in paper packets and were dried out. I doubt they were overly old though. I have had some successful germiniations from them after about 3 months in the fridge. Chiltern suggested soaking the seeds in water which I did for 24 hours.

For my part I say chance it. You have nothing to loose in trying, and they could produce something useful. Nothing ventured an all. Let us know if you have any luck.

I’d consider this:

If you have enough to spare one or two, I’d take a sharp knife and cut an achene in two. If there’s viable seed in side you should be able to tell. If the achene is empty try a few more. That way you will know if there’s any potential.

Chris Mauchline

SE PA, zone 6