Okay, so I start a blog...

Paul, see what you started?

I already have a LiveJournal blog (which I update very infrequently), but here’s a blog for Spotted Rose Ranch.

Link: spottedrose.livejournal.com/

Excellent, Fa! You might find that with the interaction of your friends via commenting that you will feel more encouraged to post more often. I know that people get discouraged sometimes because they feel they are talking into a void and get the impression that nobody is listening. Thats never true, of course, it just seems that way at times.

Now if we can get Jim and Jim and Simon and Henry and, and, and all the rest to start up a journal we’ll have a serious group documenting their work through photos and discussion in a way that will compliment what we do here. (Not detract from it, I’m sure)

Thanks for jumping in, Fa,


BTW Fara :slight_smile: Excellent start to your Blog :slight_smile: Have bookmarked it and will check back often :slight_smile:

Great blog journal Fara, I enjoyed reading through it.