OGR- Euro-Canadian “Grannie’s Rose” 1st Bloom

Historical “Euro-Cdn” rose’s first bloom in my garden from a small runner planted un 2021. Why care?

Opening performance of bloom form is aesthetically pleasing to my eye. No fragrance detected.

A plant growing in Canadian bald prairie shows winter resilience - see HMF winter damage photo. Another reason l care.

Tends in photos to develop “flattish muddled” older bloom … or better, blousy, classic, non-ridged, Victorian elegance. Or a Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa moulan rouge poster painting.

Origins and type debates can end up quite passionate. Generally accepted likely arrived from Eastern Canada and before from Europe. Normal pioneer transport story.

If a Damask derivative, l am pleased as none l have tried have survive winter to consistently bloom in my garden.

Breeding potential automatic first question for me … not found any examples but other than hybrizing pioneers doubt anybody tried to capture any attributes. May not bode well if the giant 5 did not release an effort.

Nice if longer time in garden trial it gives fragrance. Actually not a trial, never leaving as has the history of right rose, right place, like Dr Merkeley … at thats just from just popping one bloom. Now the long wait for Mossman.

Your photo reminds me somewhat of ‘Shailer’s Provence’–although I’m less sure about that similarity when looking at some of the other photos posted to HelpMeFind (maybe not all of these are really the same rose, and with a name like “Granny’s Rose,” that would not be unexpected). The background of that rose is suggestive of something that might prove unusually hardy in Canada, though. As with any oddball hybrids, unless you’ve seen hips and seeds being set, especially after applying some fertile pollen from another rose just to make sure that bee access isn’t the problem, it’s probably a better bet to try harvesting anthers instead.

I can not comment on Shailer’s except a generality that the bloom “unfurling” development photos look more ordered than Grannie’s.

Attached photo of Grannie’s today - 3 day development stage - gives flash back’s to my “tender” OGR extravagances of yester years. Before l let nature have at them as l to set on the right path. I lie, sort of, 2-3 year old plantings of Baronne Prevost, Sidonne, Panachee d Lyon and Juno are in full bloom re-run in my front protected bay. Lost one of the OGRs to winter, Yolanda d’ Aragon

Grannie’s bloom today is flash back to one of the OGR forms l wanted decades ago in a hardy rose … quadra close, but not hardy in my garden. And to think an old winter resilient rose with the muddled OGR damask-like form existed (like Dr Merkeley early bloom form is a mathematical OGR alternative version ), and with foggy pedigree history and mystery, around the corner from me is great twisted irony.

Gads another metaphorical slap telling me to quit-spinning my wheels by looking enviously over the fence, look in your own backyard. You’ll likely find it, or make it … its faster.

… mathematical analogy obscurity clarified for clarity, Dr Merkeley and other OGR early bloom form reminds me of the fibonacci sequence control, or definition … or it just looks “ordered cool” when blooming.