Odd time for eglantine to germinate...

I have open pollinated seeds from Greenmantle, a deep rosy red eglatine with deeply fragrant foilage. I had tried to use this on Applejack last year and didn’t get any germinations, and I’m still holding on the seeds. But I barely had openly pollinated Green Mantle’s seeds in the fridge and 4 of them germinated… wow.

Since it germinated so quickly, do you think that there is a possibility these seedlings maybe remotant?

Hopefully they will make it till the Spring.

Is there some connection between early germination and repeat blooming? That is really interesting.


I think there is… I mean, some damasks take more then a year to germinate, and more then 1 year to bloom. And the Gallicas as well…

When I crossed the pollen of Greenmantle, which shows VERY slight tendency to repeat but the genes are in there, on Applejack, I assumed I would get germinations within a matter of months. They’re still stratisfying…

But I put openly pollinated seeds of Greenmantle (actually, I did pollinated them with Scarlet Moss and Gold Moss, but it was nothing more then tossing them on an opened unemasculated flower)I got germinations in 3 months.

Perhaps next year I will cross Applejack’s pollen on Greenmantle.