Odd Suzanne blooms

I have a rose that I thought was Suzanne but now I am starting to wonder. Last summer, it spent the summer in a pot and I could have sworn that it produced a couple of blooms that had quite a few petals. Last fall I planted it in the ground. It has started blooming but every bloom is a single. Any chance that this is Suzanne but is stressed in some way that would cause it to produce very few petals?

I think I either have the wrong rose or I got my pots mixed up when I was planting. My children could have played musical name tags as well.

I’ve got four Suzannes: two from Skinner and two from High Country and none bloom in singles (I checked yesterday and all are in bloom.) Even the one that is sulking from a move into more shade is making full blooms.


I think its a mislabled rose. Its showing no hint of any other than singles. I have no idea what the stilly thing is. Will have to take a few pictures.