odd 5-cotyledone Belle Isis x Compte de Chambord seedling, pic

Last year I did the same cross, and I also had 2 seedlings (both died after the first month) that had more then the normal 2 cotyledone. And I’ve noticed that a Queen Elizabeth x 77-361 had an extra cotyledone. Do I have something in the environment that is producing these oddities, or is it something genetic.


Hi Enrique,

I’ve had a few with three cotyledons, but never five. It looks like from your picture, that there are actually only 4 there. No?


Now, there are 5, not 4. The true leaves has not come out. Although the center cotyledon does look like a leaf. There are 5.

Picture cannot load on the first post. here is another.

Link: www.hpphoto.com/sessions/156031127008/15525394lg.jpg

I’ve had a few 3, & 1 of 3.5 cotyledon sprouts.

Noticed that none so far have survived though.

Currently have 2 that I’m observing more closely.

Have had 1 sprout that had its cotyledons fused - didn’t survive either.

Anyone observed normal developement from one of these sprouts?


PS I can’t seem to view the pic at the hpphoto link - they won’t let me, even after I joined.

Okay, I have posted on the webgarden fourm. Click on the link to get to it.

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In general, abnormal seedlings are defective and do not survive–something like a calf with 3 heads. Some seedlings with fused cotyledons will survive and produce normal growth, and some of those with three or four cotyledons will also survive and produce normal growth, but the odds are not good. I have kept abnormal seedlings alive for varying times, but never have had a good outcome. A seedling something like yours stayed in that condition for about 3 months, then growth from within the fused base of the cotyledons pushed out, tilting the seed leaves to the side. It was interesting to see, but the plant never did grow normally and I discarded it after it produced a flower with only one petal (and that was transparent!). Now I simply don’t waste space or time with such seedlings, dumping them as soon as any abnormal growth is evident. I don’t dump them for multiple cotyledons, but if they don’t begin normal growth at the normal time they are not worth keeping.