Nursery seeks new hardy, disease roses

I am the product development manager for Spring Meadow Nursery in Michigan, USA, and I work with plant breeders across the world to introduce, market and distribute their new plants. You can learn more about us on the net at and

I am interested in hardy, disease resistant, reblooming roses that can be treated and used like any typical shrub in the garden. No spraying.

I was wondering any members have breeding goals along this line and/or if any of you have any plants that fit this description.

We have a unique and effective plant introduction program and I would love to be promoting a line of new roses.

Please feel free to pass this message on to a fellow breeder and feel free to email me.


Tim Wood


I have developed a wonderful rose you might be interested in. Its a bright yellow Tea with long stems. Its completely disease resistant and is hardy to Zone 3. The foilge is a wonderful burgandy when young and works well when used in a salad with a good italian dressing.

Last evening, a bumble bee lit on one of its flowers. When it took off, it flew in a slow looping pattern with a very happy erratic path. I may have to dry some of the leaves and smoke them to see if there is any medicinal value.


Nerf - thanks for the reply, but we are not looking for Teas or Grandifloras with long stems, but rather shrub type roses that have an attractive habit that fits well landscape.

  • Tim