Number of Cotyledons???

Has anyone noted whether the number of cotyledons has any bearing on other seedling characteristics?

I have noted several seedlings this year having 3 to 4 cotyledons.

Jim Sproul

I was wondering the same thing. I wondered whether they could be something like a chimera resulting from something like two seedlings in the same testa as has been reported recently?

My experience with the 3- and 4-cotyledon seedlings has generally not been good. Sometimes the 2 cotyledons simply split, and these usually do OK, but if there are 4 bonafide cotyledons the chances of success are much decreased. Maybe it qualifies as a defect and signals that something is wrong. In general, the normal seedlings do better.


I was observing my seedlings with single cotyledons. They are primarily from the same cross. I noted the same tendency using the same pollen parent and another seed parent so there must be a genetic component.

I have various version of the single cotyledon that lead me to believe they are the result of the cotyledons fusing together.

In the most extreme case there is no apical bud as Jim predicted.