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Steve at passes along the following announcement:

The popular rose website has been enhanced to allow hybridizers to showcase their rose introductions.

Hybridizers can now input information about their new roses to the site themselves. Information collected includes class, breeding, bloom and growing characteristics, patents, parentage, miscellaneous notes, awards, photos, suppliers and more. Access for adding or changing rose information is password-controlled to prevent changes by others.

These latest site changes provide the opportunity and ability for hybridizers to present information about their new roses to the rose community world wide in a much more timely manner than previously available. HMF is continually adding new features as well as improving the existing ones to make the site easier and more convenient. Please visit the site or contact Steve at if you would like to participate or have any questions or suggestions.


Very nice!

Ah…of course after I post my question about you still being involved w/ roses and wondering about your ‘Ross Rambler’ on help me find, I see this post…

I’m wondering how you obtained it, identified it…if you have others that you might not be sure of…I have photos of Hansen’s ‘Pax Apollo’ at webshots but I’m not convinced it isn’t one of the other pax roses…the coloring doesn’t match the descriptions to me and I’ve asked one of the older hort. profs at the university how they knew for sure which pax they had and he just said that was he was told it was when they moved it from the campus to the display garden…not only is it the only pax rose but it is the ONLY rose Hansen developed in his section of the garden…(I’m working on that!)

Anyway, didn’t mean to vent there but also have a “found” rose on my webshots album that I haven’t ruled out as one of Hansen’s roses either…sent the photo to many rose people and got no real suggestions back…the coloring is off in mine…too much red by far, the coloring is very similar to ‘Veilchenblau’ photos I’ve seen (never seen it in person,)but doesn’t do the cluster blooms like that either. AND this is South Dakota zone 4 and this rose is tall…I can’t reach the end of the canes when I stretch and I’m 5’8". It isn’t completely thornless…do have a photo of the base of the canes taken this fall that isn’t on the webshots album yet…the woman who owns it said her parents bought the property in 1939 and she can’t remember her mother planting the rose but if she did then it was early when they’d first had the property. Well, that is the right time frame for Hansen…Hansen’s ‘Yawa’ was in 1940 and is nearly thornless but again the color descriptions don’t match but then my “crimson” doesn’t seem to be what anyone else’s crimson is either…

So…any suggestions on my “found” rose or comments on how you came by Wright’s ‘Ross Rambler’ would be very interesting to me.


I’ve added the link to my photos at webshots and the found rose in question is # 2 in the misc. gardening/found roses section…also included in that album are a couple photos of ‘Pax Apollo’ and one of Hansen’s grandson who still lives in the university community.


I’m afraid that I’m not an authority on Skinner’s or Hansen’s roses. Perhaps Paul Olsen or Hugh Skinner or another of the Canadians (or others who know these roses well) would venture an opinion or refer the challenge to someone they think might be able to help.