Not-So-Golden Holstein

I finally got the bloom form + color Ive been trying for. Ive been wanting to create a buff-peach single floribunda for a few years now, but something was always missing. Well, I finally got one, and I like it so far. It germinated about 2 months or less ago, so it looks great for being germinated outside in the crappy weather.

Here is Tequila x Tatton

Edit: the bloom form likely comes from it’s grandparent, Golden Holstein.

lol, I get so many singles I often toss them but I do like the look of this one. Fragrant? How’s the fade?

No fade so far. It is probably fragrant, but Im not shoving my face down to the ground to find out lol. Im guessing it has the typical sweet scent attributed to both sides of the lines.

btw, I rarely get singles. I get a lot of semi-doubles, though. And when singles do happen, theyre often mis-shaped and asymetrical.

Hi Jadae:

Love the rose. Color reminds me a whole lot of my personal favorite which is also a single, Mermaid. How is it on thorns and bloom size? Do you have a favorite parent for increasing petal count when that is your goal?

Bob of New Orleans

Jadae, many of the parents I work with are singles. I’m sure I get far more singles than most.

Add this seedling that just now bloomed into the odd-shades-of-gold category: Candyland x Toprose

I cantw ait to cross it with Oranges and Lemons when it matures. All three parents host the capability to germinate climbers :)Toprose has been an A+ parent so far. I have no clue why no one has been using it since it is far healthier than Sunsprite, and almost as fragrant.

What a great combination of yellow and peach stripes! I love this one Jadae. Congrats

Thanks :smiley: All the gals here loved it (and it is healthy so far), so it’s a keeper (theyre my official rose barometers lol).

Ok Jadae, about your first rose up there, I have to ask: Have you been culling all of your fully double blooms with saturated colors? Based on my personal experience, you should pursue those as goals, and you’re virtually guaranteed to get singles with paler buff tones.

I’ll be curious to see how she matures.

The striped one is quite attractive. (I never considered rose-hybridizing as a chick-magnet. Hmmm…)

Hi Phillip. I aimed for a single like this before, but didnt have luck with what I wanted – all thrown out for disease or vigor. This one was by accident.

For example, I once tried Playboy x Fragrant Delight 2 years in a row because I noticed that FD liked to throw singles. That fact, with the idea that a peach-toned single would compliment other single floribundas really well, began the process. However, every single seedling was trash :frowning:

Hi Jadae:

Re: Candyland X Toprose — Stripes are great! Were they part of your goal like Fara Shimbo’s spots or just luck.

Bob in New Orleans

Candyland x Toprose fulfilled my expectations except for one minor detail – I expected yellow/pink stripes, not gold/apricot. Also, I expected some fade which never happened in the heat. This is mixed news. The good news is that it seems heat tolerant. The bad news is that the striping will not show up as well had it been pink. However, it does not matter because I planned on using it as an F1 anyways =)