Noob KORHocsel Help


I’m a relative noob to rose growing and recently purchased and planted Abracadabra (KORHocsel) into a 50cm container at the same time as three other roses.

Is the yellow colouration on the foliage normal or disease / problem related? None of the other three have it so far and if it is a problem, what’s the best way of treating it? I do have a problem with aphids on all four which I’m currently treating by spraying with RoseClear once a week.

I’m in the UK if that makes a difference!


It looks like a probable viral infection, most likely Rose Mosaic Virus complex (several different viruses present resulting in obvious visible symptoms)… if it is RMV, it’s not too harmful to the infected rose and is incurable, but is also difficult to spread to other roses except by grafting. It’s quite common because of the former popularity of grafting roses to clonal rootstock. Most likely the parent stock became infected long ago, and it may or may not be possible to find the cultivar available free from the virus. Symptoms are not always visible, and in some cases may only appear once every so many years when the conditions are just right.

Thanks for your help! Glad to hear that it’s not too harmful and difficult to transmit; If it is RMV would you recommend getting rid of the bush or keeping hold of it? The plant itself seems healthy and is developing buds fine, it’s just the foliage that’s being affected.

You are probably better off keeping your otherwise-healthy plant. You might consider replacing it with another specimen, but only if you could be reasonably sure that the new one would be free of the disease, which is no simple matter. Some older cultivars are also simply unavailable in a virus-free state state.

Glad to hear it as I’m looking forward to seeing it in flower for the first time :slight_smile: Thanks again for your help and advice!