Non-identical Siamese twins

I’ve occasionally had two seedlings come from a single seed. Sometimes they are identical twins; sometimes not. Once I had identical Siamese twins, two seedlings from a single seed that shared a single root. I split them with a razor blade. Both survived and the seedlings were identical. They opened their first blooms on the same day about two months after germination, and the blooms looked exactly alike.

This year I have non-identical Siamese twins, two different-sized seedlings from a single seed that share a single root system. When I’ve had different sized twins in the past, the smaller of the two has always died. I decided to leave these two attached to see what happens. The cross was Ebb Tide X Purple Heart.

Interesting! Please keep us posted on their progress!

Awesome Jim!!

Perhaps the smaller one is a haploid and developed from a synergid and is the same genetic makeup as the egg. If you want to collect and prepare some root tips and send them to me I can count the chromosomes for you and let you know for sure.


Thanks, David. I will probably take you up on it, if it survives. I wonder if the shared root system is mixoploid.

Great point Jim. Maybe in the future rooting cuttings from the stem tissue and collecting those roots would be a good way to get around that.

Both twins are doing well so far. The larger has three true leaves; the smaller has two. I’ve had a couple of other cases of different-sized twins, but the smaller one has always died before producing a true leaf. I’m using a toothpick to prevent the larger one from shading the smaller.