Noisette Banksia Derivative

I thought some might be interested in seeing the progress of this seedling. This is a triploid x diploid cross. Vigor is good. It might make a short climber. Picture taken this morning.


Hi Robert: Very interesting and attractive. As you know Banksiae roses are very popular down here in the deep South. Do you have any feel yet for whether it will be remontant? I’ve been away from these pages for a while. Our weather extemes this year have been very hard on our new unestablished roses – Adair and I both lost several, but Adair has her new sprinkler system so we are about to make up our new spring shopping list. I got no hips until December and they are just now maturing – very weird timing. All of Adair’s hips were eaten by unknown varmints. Her home is more rural than mine. My hips are all OP as I never dreamed I could pollinate in December – but suddenly just after Thanksgiving both of my Incantations and all of my Joucie’s set seed like mad. Go figure. Have postponed my off site garden because of the economy. Lost a ton in the market, more than made up for it in real estate, but I have trouble believing that my good luck can hold out. Keep posting wonderful pictures. Bob Williams

Hi Bob, yes, it’s remontant. I know about banksias and noisettes in the South. Fragrance is delicious as one might expect.

Sorry to hear of your woes and happy to hear of your windfalls.

Gardening in any climate takes fine tuning.

Thanks, Robert