Newbie Question about concurence between Hips

I made today about fourty pollination, using ‘Mozart’ (Lambert) as female.

Mozart has corymbes containing more than 40 flowers per cluster, and I only pollinated 2-5 flowers per cluster (Mozart is just beginning to bloom here, USDA Zone 7)

My question: it is better to remove all of the non-used flowers, is it enough to remove the forming OP-hips in a few weeks, or can one let all of them mature,OP and crosses.(I marked the pollinated flowers with a label)

Thank you for your opinion or experience



I usually let them all mature.

It depends on whether you wish the plant to initiate another flush of blossoms right away.

Thanks Robert.

No, I have no need for another flush, since the later hips will probably not mature here. So I will let them all.