new website

Hi, all,

Started working on this website a couple of months ago and got sidetracked. Please give a look if you’ve got nothing better to do. Ignore the Coming Attractions page; after the Downy Mildew incident, a lot of these seedlings are gone, alas.

One day when work lets up a bit, I hope to be able to get back to it.


Hi Fara,

Your website is great and wow! the roses you have are amazing, I especially like Fort Pella White Merlot, a really nice soft pink, I like that color, is it very fragrant? There was no link to connect to when I clicked onto it. Maman Ichiko is also very pretty, a “definite winner” for sure!

Oops, sorry, I really need to finish all those links.

The Fort Pella White Merlot is a found Alba that grows all over the county. It has a long bloom period, a fabulous, powerful fragrance, and is so far totally disease resistant. It’s only down-side is a tendency to ball in rain, but other than that it’s a fabulous rose.

Hi Fara,

I like your pictures, you have got a lot of beautiful roses. I like especially the airy informal looks of Nonna Bella and Belle Organdy.

Thanks for sharing those Photos with us