New Swedish Rosa kordesii L83 hybrids

In 2000 the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences released four Rosa kordesii L83 hybrids. A complete description of them by the breeder Dr. Ulrika Carlson-Nilsson has been published in HortScience 23:1 (February, 2004), p. 415-416. Photos of the roses are featured on the front cover of the publication.

This rose breeding program began in 1985 with the objective of combining cold hardiness, recurrent flowering, ornamental value and resistance to disease. The best pistillate parents were ‘Allotria’, ‘Sunsprite’, ‘Nina Weibull’ and ‘Queen Elizabeth’. The best staminate parents were selected Rosa spinosissima seedlings and L83. Hybrids of L83 had growth habit characteristics intermediate between shrub roses and Climbers, and the height of these four cultivars ranged from 1.5 - 2 metres. The cultivars appear to be very attractive and have relatively good disease resistance. ‘Anna’ (pink with yellow tones) and ‘Irma’ (light pink with yellowish centre) have ‘Sunsprite’ as the pistillate parent. They have only been tested for Zone 7 but are considered promising for Zone 4. ‘Balsgards Balder’(‘Nina Weibull’ x L83) has bright red-purple flowers. ‘Balsgards Freja’ (‘Sympathie’ x L83) has bright pink flowers. The latter two are hardier (Zone 4) than the preceding two cultivars.

I think the results of this rose breeding program indicates the unlimited potential of using L83. Dr. Carlson-Nilsson appreciated using L83. As she wrote, “I am very grateful to F. Svejda for kindly providing L83 for use in crosses.”