New Seedling

This is a second seedling I had grown about two years ago I think but it languished in a pot for two summers (I think). I transferred them out into a garden bed last late summer/fall. This one has gotten very large. The color is a bit more complex than this looks as it ages to all light pink then washes out to white. The reverse color is very pronounced, more so than the pictures, its very striking.

The fragrance is very strong and sweet. Generally pretty healthy, might be a bit nutrient deficient. I know where it’s derived from. Are we supposed to be keeping parentage a secret now with those new laws?

Max, keeping information (and photos) of a rose quiet only matters if you think it may be patentable. If you are sure patenting it is never likely to be an issue, spill the beans. If you’re not sure and you want to play it safe, keep quiet about it. Your decision and call.

I doubt this could be patented. This is from ‘Plaisanterie’ of course, as it smacks of it. The flowers are decidedly more multiflora/musk though which is interesting since ‘Plaisanterie’ is so uniform.

Then, no worries. Share anything and everything you wish about it.

That reminds me very strongly of R. arkansana, which it obviously isn’t. But Arkansana behaves the same way; lighter outside than in, fades to white. Hmmmm… that’d be an interesting cross!

I must have missed something- are there new patent laws affecting how much we divulge about a new rose?


These new patent laws are distressing and more importantly, harmful for the free sharing of information between hybridizers. It’s hard to know which seedlings several years from now will turn out to be real winners. To be safe, we shouldn’t discuss our seedlings at all unless they are to be shovel pruned.

I intend to keep sharing. I am in favor of open source.

I will never patent a rose, not under current conditions anyway. The whole patent concept has gone badly awry and I believe it stifles creativity. Willfully obscuring or hiding parentage information is contrary to principles of our community, IMO.