New seedling pix

Cool new seedling. “Green Guy” I like the way the vegetative center extends out on this seedling and then the green center petals make a nice transition to the yellow. I hope the form is stable! Cross is [Louise Estes x Marilyn Monroe] x OP.
1502 03FLO1_4002.JPG

It’s very attractive Judith

Very cool! Although it doesn’t look like there will be a way forward with this one in terms of fertility, right? If it ended up female fertile it would be cool to pollinate it with Persian Yellow. I noticed last night that Persian Yellow buds had green in the outer petals and I was wondering if that characteristic could be enhanced somehow.

I really love that blossom and I hope you can get some fertility out of it and develop that unusual characteristic of the vegetative center extending into ruffled petals.

Right. I don’t see any pistils or stamens on it.

btw, they edited me out when I said I don’t see any s.x organs on it

That’s the typical results I’ve obtained when crossing Moore’s Golden Horizon with Eyes for You. A fairly vigorous plant with OK foliage and lots of proliferation. Some yellow-ish - green petals and a pile of vegetative growth.

What a beautiful specimen! I hope it holds up well and that one day I can have a cutting! :slight_smile:

A lot of my Ebb Tide OP seedlings produce proliferation. Some are quite beautiful with an emerald green center and dark purple petals surrounding the green. If I ever get around to it I’ll have to look for pictures to share with everyone.

Thanks guys. Yes, I’ve had plenty of seedlings with proliferative centers too, but this one just stands out to me. Hopefully, it’s stable.

Certainly the most attractive “proliferation” I’ve ever seen. (I’m having a weird deja vu – was it a double clematis cultivar I once saw a photo of, with a similar arrangement and green center?) Has it had more blooms of this sort?

Yes, Philip, it does look a lot like the green clematis. That was only it’s second bloom and I missed the first one.

Yeah. I see a little bit of similarity there!
Please update when the next flush comes round.