New seedling in orange red / orange brown by special combination


Last year in 2009, a pollination of April 22nd, 2003 flowered for the first time!

The years before the first blossom I tried to bring it through the winters here in Germany at a bright place inside and under the roof of my house.

This cross between the Tantau tea rose “Tea Time” and the great Down under rose “Terracotta” (licence for Europe by Meilland, France) has been a good idea.

Last year in 2009 (!) the one and only seedling out of seven seeds flowered the first time and this year I made my first pollinations with it. You will see why.

Here are some impressions.

(Its not Black Spot resistant but pretty tolerant for a tea rose. I’ll take it for further crossings this year and the next couple of years.)

Last years first flower of the seedling (at the end of the year there where two flowers all in all, which i cropped):


And this year it did 7 buds so far - which will be all pollinated and of which the polens will be used for further pollinations.


Tea Time x Terracotta - still on its own root and in the year 2010! (Shortly before getting pollinated. …)

Data: Tea Time x Terracotta. Cross in April 2003 under artificial light.

Germinated in the morning of November the 5th, 2004.

Flowered for the first time in June 2009 and much better in June 2010.



stunning color

Gorgeous seedling Arno. I love the intense orange coloration.

Jim Sproul

Hi George, hi Jim!

Yes its a colour that I did not see in such homogenity and so stable on such a good plant anywhere so far, and I will cross that seedling, e.g. with “Easy Does It”, this season.

Unfortunately the Easy Does It plants do have buds that will flower a little late (maybe this weekend a few first), as the plants have ben set to ground in April as bare root plants.

By the way The colour of my Tea Time x Terracotta is not manipulated in graphic programs afterwards, and my camera is a Lumix Panasonic TZ5, it has good colouring, except in the range of intens pin-red and some violet-red tones or dark red tones. - This orange-red can be shown pretty good, thats my luck.

(Otherwise I would lend me a camera from my father, to get realistic celluloid pictures. Good old Leicas.)

I will post a series of miniature pictures of the first flower from the last year, then one can see the behaviour of the couloring within a few days and outside of course!

The colouring does of course change but it seems to be quite stable (this stability in colour is from the father, Terracotta, I guess, because Tea Time changes its colouring dramatically from orange to soft pink and even nearly to white in some weather)!

Here’s the series! The few days had two days with heavy rain, but the petals remained on the flower and fell off one or two days after the last picture.



I really like the color on this one

Thanks, Rob! :slight_smile:

I stood in front of that first flowers for hours in 2009.

Especially as I had to wait so long for first flowers.

Ah! I didn’t mention “the fourth dimension”, the odour: it also has got a good soft tea rose scent, fortunately it has not the line odour of the foetida-ancestry!



By the way: What do you all think of the fading?

Its not too much, isn’t it?

I think its more a changing to red … .

orange to deeper orange with russet tones?

Very beautiful. Love the orange. Wonderful to see all the stages. Happy that you got the scent you want. Myself, I love the foetida scents in all their manifestations.

Yes Rob,

thats partly true, there are some blueish tones on the flower, at least in the last stage, but not very much of them, I think. …

I show you the last foto I made of the flower in a little bigger format, so you can watch the bad things closer.

Ugh! Painful. Its not only nice, but its the TRUTH - and so I’ll show it! …

The rain did hit it … .

As you see, its not at all totally perfect, - but WHO is in old age. :wink:

Thank you Lydia!

Interesting, that you like the smelling of the foetidas. … I didn’t want to say I won’t like that smelling, but to such a rose a light fresh and wide smell fits better, I think.

The foetida smelling can be very good if not too strong and combined to fruity odours, but in my opinion often it doesn’t fit to the rose that carries it.

Especially in wild roses such odour can be very good, e.g in fedtschenkoana, or in beggeriana, which do also have compareable odours to the foetida smelling.




I have added the rose seedling Tea Time x Terracotta with some more fotos on the HMF site by kindly permission of admins.

So if I get offspring it can be linked with it, too.

This is a good way to document the own work.

The online archive at least survives the row of laptops I left already and will leave behind! :wink:




Hello Arno,

Like Lydia, I very much like the scent of foetida. That Latin name has never made sense to me. Since there seem to be people who don’t like it, I guess your better off that your seedling doesn’t have that scent.

And another notion that I don’t conform to… that blueing is such a bad thing. Even though that last photo is showing a little weathering of your rose, I don’t object at all to the darkening of the edges. I think that adds interest. It reminds me of embers with edges of ash. I like it!


Hi Tom!

Thank you for your added new aspects and thoughts!

A short while I thought the same about the blueish edges around the heavy glowing orange red center … . Looks like downcooling lava with a bit of volcanoe ash. … :wink:

The scent of foetida isn’t bad (really not - like it e.g. on foetida itself, together with the smelling leaves of that rose (!)) - but I think only it is much too often linked together with the open vivid colours (including yellow, orange and red). So its quite usual for me together with these colours. …

Dark roses with heavy foetida smell (Astrid von Hardenberg has in parts that smell, too), or pure white ones (e.g. beggeriana - where I do have hybrids of - or fedtschenkoana), thats ok for me … there it fits better, - at least for me.

Thats why I like the look and smell of Bernsteinrose from Tantau so much (although I don’t breed with it as its not very healthy in my eyes), there the foetida smell is perfectly inbound into a bouquet of odours that bring it - together with the dark green leaves and the deep yellow to soft orange colouring oft that rose - to a brilliant fruity expression!

Again to the last topic you mentioned, the blueish edges when the flower is fading: I have to spot that effect over a longer period, perhaps its really a positive aspect (in a hybrid like Rhapsody in Blue or Veilchenblau it definitely is!) - when its not too much in this case, but only a slight shimmering … .


Hello Arno… I would say you have a winner there …Larry Popwell

:wink: Thank you Larry!

At least its a really good rose for further breeding with unusual colours. Today and yeasterday I did the crossings with Easy does it (both directions).

I am very excited what it will bring … Unfortunately the last days where very cold for June and there was much rain.

Therefore I had to wait … hope I didn’t pollinate to early, as the hips did only develop veeery calm … .



PS (off-topic): Gratulations to the winning Soccer US team! :slight_smile:

This game was a pretty good job!

Absolutely beautiful color. Hope this one keeps growing for you. Can’t wait to see more.

lol, cross it with Black Magic and see if you can get a marketable florist rose in some weird color everyone would go nuts over. Its nice to see orange-toned florist types that dont bleach in the sun. A lot of florist types do not come true to color when UV hits them.

Thanks to you, Francesca!

I like the colour too, as its not such a “plastic” variant of colouring, but seems just to be more “natural”.

So far it did survive our winters well (even when only potted outside over at least two winters).

There is still one bud on it - will make fotos (if it doesn’t rain too much when it opens).



Hi Jadae! :slight_smile:

I did think think of Leonidas! But another ill rose for ill minds … no way. :wink:))



News from (Tea Time x Terracotta): Its setting hips!

Seven flowers this season, seven hips as a mother plant this year.

Pollen partners where George Vancouver and Easy Does it.

With Easy does it from Harkness I did also abt. 10 hips for the reverse crossing. They also set well.

So I hope to get in the healthieness and perhaps serrated petals together with none fading orange tones from my hybrid!



That sounds like a good sampling. I’m looking forward to a report on what comes out of it.