New seedling, green rose?

This looks a lot like St. Patrick only greener. I have had several of this years seedlings blooms but this is the most intresting one so far.

I’ve noticed some of my seedlings will often look green if the weather fluctuates. If I were you, I will definetly save it and wait until more mature flowers to determine if it is green.

Sutter’s Gold X Renae looked green for a while, but now it’s a pleasent mixture of carmine and yellows (depending on the weather.)

I have one. It is Danae x Pretty Lady. 2 seedlings were keepers from that cross. A Hmusk type one that was pastel salmon w/OGR form and sweet scent. And a green/butter gold one with HT form and larger size w/ no scent…I’m guessing it will be a FL.