new scientific study of use of rose pollen


I’ve been doing something like this for a long time, here "Baby Love "germinating pollen tubes.
Baby Love.jpg

I guess floristry research is important $$$ or what have you, but the basic conclusion seemed rather pointless. Or, rather, just common sense. It was akin to saying a newborn or elder was less virile than an 18 year old. Well, yeah. Sure. Okay.

Thanks for sharing, Henry Kuska!
As a newbie I am eager to read whatever I can these days, so I enjoyed this, even though it’s true that the conclusion seemed rather common sense.
There are some videos up on YouTube of a university researcher showing how to hybridize roses, using completely unopened buds for both the pollen and seed parents, and it can be misleading to viewers who would believe that’s optimal. So, thanks!

There are some you have to prep as buds and wait a day or two, because they self pollinate before they even open. I regularly did this with Rosa rugosa alba. But it’s an exception and not the rule.

Pacificjade, I had heard that about rugosas, and will be taking it into account when I try crossings with them. In those videos however, they were demonstrating on (what they described as) Yellow Knockout onto a pink knockout.
Closeup from video:
It just seemed weird to me to pick the buds so young, but then again, I don’t know the first thing about knockouts.

Interesting, and both are highly infertile (they can set some random hips with a few seeds here and there, but its an exception).

Singles can pollinate more easily when first opening, so there is that, but just catch them in the morning before the dew dries up… ez pz.