New pollen available: 12-59-10 by Moore

For those of you who are interested in breeding Moss type shrubs, I can offer you pollen from Ralph Moore’s seminal breeder, 12-59-10. This is a cross of Pinocchio X William Lobb. It is a large once-blooming shrub with three to four inch double red/crimson blooms and abundant dark mossing. It carries one copy of the Floribunda type remontancy gene and so crossing it with other modern remontants will yield a percentage of repeat blooming offspring.

12-59-10 was used solely in the pursuit of miniature Moss roses (It is one parent of Fairy Moss, the first mini Moss Ralph released) but I feel it has the genes to develop worthwhile full sized Moss shrubs if used wisely. If you are interested in receiving pollen ( and later I can send cuttings as well) of this breeder, please email me with postal mailing info, thanks.

A bit later I can also offer pollen from Moore’s first orange moss breeder, “OM” if anyone wants to try working with that one as well.

I will also have pollens available from several North American species in the weeks to come. R. nutkana available now.