New flowering seedlings

Well sometimes it’s a good idea to keep your seedlings, which didn’t flower the first year.

Both of these seedlings are from a H

the second one

Hi Bo:

While the second is nice, the first is a knockout (no pun intended). LOVE the intense red and bright yellow center. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

Bob in New Orleans

Bob - me too. The first one is surely the best of the two, with a intense red color. I also like the very velvet flower shape. It flowed in clusters as well.

For me it is surprising to see a red seedling, as the parents isn’t red at all. H

This is a nice example of segregation.

I like very much the devided border of the petals, I know it from Westerland and LK Lucia, maybe Graham Bell, too.

One dominant trait between thousands?


Yes Ren

Very nice roses Bo. I like the color of the first and the form of the second. I like double roses

I included a photo of a rose that just bloomed for the first time today. It is Grimaldi x T20. T20 is one of Davids plants that I got some pollen from. Its parentage is:

(Orange Honey x (Spanish Rhapsody x (Apple Jack OP))) x (Carefree Beauty x (Hawkeye Belle x William Booth))

I didn’t notice the stippling until I uploaded the photo to my computer.


Bo, those are two beautiful roses! But I have to admit, I like the first one best.

Paul! You got spots! Well done! That’s a way cool flower!

Paul what an excellent rose you got there! Great colour and the stipplings made it even more fabulous!

Fara thanks.

Watching them against each other, the second one naturlig looks a bit dull, but I will keep them both, if they develop nice.

Both have some black spots at the moment, but temperatures are very high here now and I have been on holyday for weeks, so no wonder they suffer!



I notice the umlauts over some of your vowels. Are you writing from Germany? How would you rate the vigor and disease resistance of your two roses and what is the biggest disease problem in your area.

Bob in New Orleans

Thanks guys,

It’s an unusual combination, orange with pink stippling.

I didn’t realize that T20 had stippling because I haven’t seen the rose and thats probably where thay came from. I was hoping that this seedling would have stripes like Grimaldi though.

Bob I am from Denmark, but Cl

Hi Bo:

Blackspot is also the biggest problem here where it is always warm and humid – a deadly combination. At least the heat stops the powdery mildew. I have a home in North Carolina where I rely on the rain to water my roses as I am only there 3 months a year. By coincidence a lady from Denmark, Elsabeth Fenner,and her husband Jim, both friends of ours, are staying at my home in North Carolina for a month and tell me my roses are doing great. Mildew is a problem there as it always cool and damp, but I have only disease resistant roses there.

I hope you will post more wonderful pictures.


Bob in New Orleans