New EU rose import restrictions?

I have twice successfully exported rose bud wood to The Netherlands in 2010 and 2011. It was a rather simple process, much like what has been successful in shipping rose seeds to Australia. After researching requirements, a German rose nursery assured me their restrictions would mirror those of The Netherlands as both are EU members. A box similar to those sent to The Netherlands was prepared and shipped identically to the previous boxes, only to be confiscated by the Lower Saxony Agricultural Ministry and apparently, destroyed.

The email I received this morning read,

"Upon our return we received a letter from the Agriculturual Ministry of

Lower Saxony, informing us that transatlantic fellowship can indeed

bloom through shared pedantry regarding possibly lethal plant cuttings."

It has been common for our USDA to make nearly secretive, difficult to research, restriction changes. Now, it appears the EU is following suit? If you’re planning to send things through to Europe, it might be advisable for the recipients to again thoroughly research their restrictions. Throwing away $35 worth of postage and carefully selected, prepared and processed bud wood is frustratingly wasteful!

Kim any idea what the restrictions are on. Is it a certain desease or possible desease

I have no first hand information about any of it other than what has worked perfectly, no longer works. I suppose the issues with the Asian Longhorn Beetle could easily be part of it.

It appears no real threat is involved in the new EU restrictions, just plain old “you started it!” pettiness. This was the email this morning.

"Yes, unfortunately you read correctly, our Ministry of Agriculture

indeed decided to withhold your efforts from us.

This seems to be a response to the American import regulations, not so

much a reasoned one but rather born from pettiness

like most international legislation. So yes, the rest of the world has

indeed gone insane. The import regulations cover the entirety of the European Union so we

will likely run into similar problems if we that route (nurseries in other EU countries)."

You know it’s ridiculous when the ending suggestion concerns considering using Columbian drug runners to carry bud wood…

lol twitches but I need my rose fix! scratches furiously

I say bring on the Columbrians for rose smuggling, but not for drugs.

I could almost agree, were it not for the fact that those are the precise people who killed the American cut rose industry…

We could cut them out real easy, work for the pay the columbians get, I do not think so.