New Dawn Hips

I have read several times that New Dawn is a fertile triploid.

My New Dawn has several OP hips forming. Does New Dawn produce viable seed? If so, what would I expect as far as ploidy? Triploid/Diploid/Tetraploid?

I noticed some questions about this from Henry in a search but not much discussion. THere are about 5 smaller hips that I will be harvesting in a couple of weeks.

New Dawn does produce viable seed. The seedlings could be diploid, triploid, or tetraploid.

New Dawn produces fertile seed. I have made many crosses to it and gotten interesting progeny. Those seem to be sterile however. In OP/self tehre is a tendency to mildew and the repeat bloom is lost, reverting to Dr. Van Fleet in habit. I think I wrote of this for RHA many years ago