need some suggestions

I was able to take home a couple less mainstream rose sprays that still had viable pollen from the All Canadian Rose show this past weekend. I’m now wondering what would be suitable parents.

Survivor, it is a Svedja, from the cross Old Bush x Fru Dagmar Hartopp. It is a nice red and the photo on HMF does not really do it justice.

Patricia Macoun, it is from Isabella Preston, from the cross R. helena x R. multiflora. It is a climber with small white blooms and an amazing smell. It is apparently a diploid.

Those are the 2 less mainstream ones, but I also have pollen from Hope for Humanity, Emily Carr, and Felix Leclerc. It would seem like a wasted opportunity not to use it. My first 2 thoughts were Folksinger and Morden Sunrise. Perhaps Earth Song. Any thoughts?

As a side note, the show was fantastic. I had a chance to meet Lydia, kept missing Paul, hopefully Dee made it through traffic, met another backyard breeder that will hopefully join RHA, and Joyce talked about her hybridizing. It was really interesting to see what a wide variety of roses Canadian breeders have developed. The show was arranged by variety and breeder, with the best rose for that breeder making the front table. The Ag Canada roses had the most entries, but a fair number of Fleming, Jalbert and Mander roses were also represented. The best in show was a spray of Henry Kelsey, which is difficult to achieve judging by my Henry Kelsey bush. I had a bit of luck with a first for my Champlain (David Z. thank you for talking me out of digging it up last year), honorable mention with my John Cabot, and of course I was able to win my own class of bred roses with a Morden Sunrise x Home Run seedling.

One more side note/endorsement from the show - National Roses Canada has published a book written by Svejda in which she discusses the various aspects of her breeding activities and give complete pedigrees of all of the Explorer Roses. I believe that you can get info regarding it from Harry McGee at the NRC web site.

Hi Liz,

I arrived 30 minutes late (around 2:30pm) on Saturday because a friend and I accidentally found ourselves onto the 403, and what craze it was trying to get ourselves back on track. We met up with Lydia when we got to the show, and stayed together for all the rest. We also met Paul, and I was thrilled to see Harry with that fragrant piece of Patricia Macoun on his table.

I was looking for you, Liz, and saw your rose on display :slight_smile: We figured you might have been at one of the seminars.

We attended one seminar, and there were two people there I wanted to meet, but one thing kept pushing out the other in a short amount of time, so the opportunity was sadly missed.

It was my first time viewing the Burlington Botanical rose gardens. I fell in love with the peachy Goldbusch, but it could be tender to use for my northern area. There were roses such as Alchemist & Roberta Bondar with thick tall canes suggesting the absence of winter kill. How nice it would be if these roses could be grown (and bloom) up here.