need hybridizer for naming or renaming extant rose as a gift

Hi everyone. I am not sure how roses get named but I had an idea for the naming of a new variety or renaming an extant rose. I had eye surgery recently and can now see better than I ever have in my life. This is after my parents were told I would be blind by age 20. My pupil used to be at the bottom of my eye also but now it is at the middle, the doctor was able to do that. Having my eye like that has gotten alot of comments over the years. I am very thankful to my doctor who did this and he is a really great doctor. I heard that when a young boy needed surgery but couldn’t afford to get to Cincinnati, the doctor paid for him and his family to get there. Each patient of his got a rose before leaving. I was thinking it might be a great gift if a rose could be named for him. He is one of the most leading expert in the field of cataract surgery, especially complicated cases like mine was. I only have the one good eye and I am 42 with three kids. I didn’t have the normal support for a new lens in my eye but he invented this thing to put in the eye for people like me. He is very kind, generous and thoughtful and I think we are all very blessed to have someone like him around. Would someone please consider naming a new or renaming an extant rose for this special doctor? I humbly would like to propose that the name Cionni after the doctor’s last name. Thank you for any help you could give. Sincerely, Anita S. After the surgery I found out from my referring doctor that he referred another patient after me to him but that patient did not go there, but had the surgery locally. The surgery did not go well. I really do feel that this person is very deserving and I thought this would be a great long lasting way to thank him.

Hello Anita,

Good luck in finding a hybridizer who is doing it for free!!!

The best deal you can get in the US is 12,500.00 dollars at one US Rose firm. A Co. in California ONLY !!! charges seveny five thousand dollars.

I am only charging three thousand and when I tell them the cost I never hear from them anymore. I still have 5 roses to name, but I am not getting into it again and spend time to explain the procedures.

Maybe, just maybe some hybridzer will be honored to do it for free.

George Mander

Ps. Maybe you can do your own hybridizing and possibly find a good seedling to name for the good Doctor. It may take you a few years. It took me 12 years before I named and introduced my first rose in the eighties. See my CWS story on my web-site.


While the thought is very kind,

Not many roses name bought roses are sold.

Gardeners want either 1.) newest hottest roses, 2.) really old varities.

Most likely once you’ve bought the name,

it will be forgotten as newer varities come in.


Heirloom Roses did name Ora Kingsley (or something like that) and I still see it in their catalogs. I view it as one of the underdogs of roses.

Sorry for the double post-- I didn’t finish before my palm pressed something.

I think what you should do is actually hybridize a rose. You can go around your neighborhood, and pick off openly pollinated hips during the autumn. Perhaps you have them in your garden right now.

Or you can cross your own roses (next year, or now if your climate permits it. Recently I’ve crossed Pacific Serenade x Arthur Bell because my climate permits me to do it–)

There’s a lot of folks here who give seeds out for free too, so drop in once in a while.