Need Help on the I.D. of this Buck Rose

Hey everyone I really need some expert opinions on this one. A few may recall how last year I was able to grab whatever I wanted from a long abandoned Buck rose trial field, well this is one of the chosen few that I have kept. I’ve repeatedly looked up every Buck rose on HMF and compared pics and descriptions, but still no match. Here’s what we do know:

  1. It absolutely isn’t Praire Star, because the tag on Prairie Star wasn’t as dry-rotted away and I kept it. To this day while comparing the two have different foliage, petal count, and habit.
  2. It does have that characteristic “Buck rose fragrance” that comes from laxa.
  3. Works very well as a pollen parent but has never made a hip so far, even with hand pollination.
  4. Very thorny
  5. Even the petals are frost hardy
  6. Foliage is light green I would say, with very serrated leaflets.
  7. Has never been sprayed, and has yet to show signs of any disease problems, while Prairie Star gets hit with Black Spot hard here.

I really would love to know what cultivar this rose truly is because I used it in many crosses this year and it’s one of the few roses that made my prestigious “No Spray Garden.” The others include: Chuckles, April Moon, R. foliolosa x HH, Night Spear, and a few others that I need to put it. Thanks!


The color is about right for Quietness. Color often varies from place to place, but Quietness is in the approximate color range. You’ll have to evaluate how the habit and other factors match what you have.


Quietness is a possibility. I also would take a closer look at Chorale and Hawkeye Belle - if you can locate a plant of these three near you to compare your plant too that would be your best bet. I would not exactly base my entire decision on what I see on hmf just because resolutions, computer monitors, even environmental conditions of the pictured rose will lead you astray. HMF is a good place to start though especially if there are pictures of the entire plant with close ups of the stems and leaves. Pictures of the blooms are very nice - they just don’t help identify the rose unless it is a truly unique color and form. With the cooler weather here, try to go out and take some pictures of the plant without leaves so that we can see the structure and a picture of the thorns too. Also, I have noticed that some of the Buck roses, especially the earlier ones, develop reddish stems when it starts to get cooler and this could be used to help identify it as well.

The other thing to keep in mind is that if this is a trial garden, this may also be one that was never released or had very limited release commercially. There were many Buck roses that were passed out to family and friends too and this may be one of those.

I agree it is difficult but ‘Hawkeye Belle’ resonates with me because of the foliage color and more rounded leaflets.

For me, Hawkeye Belle tends to produce more than enough bull-nose flowers. Quietness looks to have more color in HMF and better form than HB. I find HB good in the sense of having flowers that last a long time, but not exciting in terms of color, sort of washed out. Very double but self-fertile I find. For my tastes WInter Sunset and Gentle Persuasion are better in color and form, not not perfect in BS resistance, under high disease pressure.